And More

Interesting Architectural Design

In Paris…

…and in Madrid

Macarons @ Macaron NYC

Clockwise from the yellow cutie: Almond, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Cassis

Ahhh… the perfect match…

Colorful Eastern Germany

The famous Heidi das Opossum at Specks Hof Passage in Leipzig –

Bright and happy Fischer-Art art at Universitat Leipzig –

Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) Leipzig and some tea pots –

More Fischer-Art art –

Lunch in Berlin – currywurst and fries –

My kind of Kindl 🙂

Best wurst 🙂

Travelling and Food

Here are a few pictures that I took with my phone on my solo trip to Europe last year. I completely forgot I had them!

While in Amsterdam, I stopped by some place for lunch and had a sandwich that even the locals made big eyes at and asked “You ate THAT???” Yes, I did, while some strangers made themselves comfortable and puffed their cigarettes at my table 🙂 It was some kind of sausage on soft country bread smeared with delicious mustard –

Aaah, Amsterdam! Here’s a local oddity – a tea stick! It’s a perforated “plastic-y” stick filled with tea, and you use it the same way you would use a tea bag. Now imagine me after an overnight flight arriving to cold and rainy Amsterdam, buying some tea at a local Arabic store, and looking completely puzzled once I opened the box! Let me tell you, it was a head scratcher! 🙂

Next are two pictures from Prague. This one is possibly one of the best meals I’ve had in my life. It is braised cabbage on a bed of potato pancakes, with strips of smoked and seared pork on top, drowned in some delicious brown sauce… washed down with the best beer in the world (only in Prague!)

Another cabbage dish, this time it is red –

More to come…


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