Homemade Coconut Butter


Today I am going to share with you another Paleo find, my most recent delicious discovery, my little secret! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you homemade coconut butter!!! If you are a nut butter nut and you happen to love coconut, you are going to enjoy this product. All you need is some patience and a food processor.

Technically, this isn’t really a recipe. After all, you are going to use only one ingredient – coconut. I used a 12 oz package of Bob’s Red Mill unsweetened dried flaked coconut. You dump the whole thing into your food processor and run it on high for 15 to 20 minutes. I would recommend breaking it up into one- or two-minute increments. That way, you won’t burn the motor and you will scrape down the sides regularly. 12 oz dried flakes yielded about 2 cups of finished product. Transfer it to a small container with a lid and store at room temperature.

Before I made this recipe, I did some legwork across a number of lifestyle websites. Here are some tips from collective wisdom of Paleo blogosphere:

  • Use unsweetened flaked coconut (not shredded, or desiccated, etc).
  • Unless you have a very powerful Vitamix blender, which allows you to make this recipe in minutes, be patient with your food processor.
  • The coconut will go through three stages: flakes – very grainy mixture – buttery substance. It will never be 100% smooth.
  • You can add salt to coconut butter.

I read it somewhere that your “cooking” time will depend on the climate you live in. Supposedly, warmer climates are conducive to making coconut butter at home 🙂 I don’t think it matters for one reason – after a few minutes, my food processor was very hot.

Many websites say that coconut butter will thicken within a few hours after you leave it at room temperature on the counter. I personally did not notice any change in texture. However, as with all nut butters, make sure you stir it well before every use as some oil tends to separate and rise to the surface.

You can enjoy coconut butter in many different ways: spread it on a slice of freshly baked banana bread or a toast, dip various fruits into it, mix it into soups and curries. My favorite way to eat it is mixed into my morning oatmeal with banana or peach slices. I also really like it on cookies 🙂


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